Redm farming script
Redm Farming script
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Redm Farming script




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  • Redm Farming script plant, fertilize, trim and harvest a large configurable variety of plants.
  • animations for each process.
  • webhook integration for harvested/destroyed plants.
  • enable/disable group farming meaning other people can interact with your plants if you wish
  • highly optimized client and server side
  • plants get watered automatically when it rains
  • config how many plants in total or how many of each plant players can have
  • job specific plant counts and crop types
  • plants save on server restart
  • light weight wagon integration compatible with any stable script and configurable for the types of wagons
  • fill wagon up with water buckets to use later
  • makes all water pumps useable with animations that work reliably.
  • blip system to keep track of plants that is not intrusive
  • item requirements for trimming planting
  • config custom fertilizer for each plant type that help speed up the growing process
  • decide how much extra yield the player gets if plants are trimmed
  • disabled planting in towns (configurable)
  • multi award plant tables, meaning u can have various types of reward items for plants
  • pre-configured with over 30+ plant types

not work in qb-core redm.

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