FiveM Advance Admin Menu V2 [ESX & QB]

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FiveM Advance Admin Menu

Elevate your FiveM server management with the FiveM Advanced Admin Menu!

This comprehensive tool equips server administrators with the power to streamline operations, enhance player experience, and maintain a healthy roleplay environment.

Unparalleled Control:

  • Player Management: Effortlessly manage players with a suite of tools, including teleportation, invisibility, and essential information access.
  • World Manipulation: Fine-tune the server environment by spawning objects, teleporting players around the map, and controlling weather conditions (if permitted by server rules).
  • Event Creation: Craft engaging in-game events for your players, fostering a dynamic and memorable roleplay experience.
  • In-Game Chat: Communicate directly with players through a convenient admin chat channel, addressing concerns and enforcing server rules efficiently.
  • Ticket System (if permitted): Implement a user-friendly ticket system for players to report issues and receive timely support.
  • Moderation Tools: Maintain order on your server with effective moderation tools, including warnings, kicks, and bans (if applicable within your server rules).
  • Intuitive Interface: Navigate the menu with ease thanks to its user-friendly design, maximizing your administrative efficiency.
  • Clear Documentation: Benefit from comprehensive documentation that provides clear instructions and helpful resources.

FiveM Advance Admin Menu

How to set up scripts

  1. and put them in the resource folder
  2. ensures in the resource.cfg
  3. restart server.

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