FiveM Advance farming ESX\QB

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FiveM Advance farming

FiveM Advance farming is a new, highly advanced and interactable script for your server! Providing your players with a new and fun way to farm in FiveM! Supports both ESX and QBCore!


Shop UI
This script comes with a good looking UI where your players can buy all the different properties, the script provides.

FiveM Advance farming

Leveling System
This script also comes with a fully integrated leveling system. For every action your players do in the farming job, they will receive an X amount of farmin xp which then can go towards buying more properties in the farming shop.

Appletree Farm & Orange tree Farm
Pick fruits from plenty of trees and put them in a fruit box .

Chicken Farm
Jump on top of your chickens in hopes of catching one!

Pig Farm
Slay your pigs in the way that fits you best!

Cow Farm
Milk your own cows to get the perfect milk you have dreamed of. You can also kill them to get their meat, to later be sold using the sell truck.

Mushroom Forest
Pick some large mushrooms at the foot of Mount Chilliad.

Wheat Field
Harvest the wheat from your wheat field using a tractor with multiple attachments. Such as a rake, but also an haybailer. You can then load up your newly made haybales on to a large truck to be transported to the designated destination.

Plantation Field

Plant various of plants on your new plantation fields. You can choose from cabbage, pumpkin or tomato (configurable, able add more) and watch them grow into majestic pieces of food.
The plants progression can be viewed with a beautiful UI. Water and fertilize your plants with very nice animations and effects.

Sprinkler Upgrade
After planting a large amount of seeds it can quickly become boring to individually water them all. This upgrade will stop you from doing all the boring work, the sprinkler system will do it for you. You only need a little bit of cash and a few minutes to fill up a water tank and then hook it up to your sprinkler system to water all of your plants at the same time!

Crop Duster Upgrade
All plants needs some nutrition from time to time, and who really want to individually fertilize every crop? This upgrade makes it possible to fly over your plants while releasing fertilizer to fertilize your crops.

Sell Truck & Merchants
Almost all products are automatically stored in the sell truck. (For example when picking up a pig or cow body). You can then use the sell truck to make your way to the two different types of merchants, to sell your goods. These merchant are only visible during specific hours during the day (configurable) to simulate working hours.

Order System
Go and order some or all of the farm produce for a cheap cost, trough the new ordering system! Just select what you want, provide contact details and wait for the farmers to contact you.

How to set up scripts

  1. and put them in the resource folder
  2. ensures in the resource.cfg
  3. restart server.

The variety of 5FiveM products is vast. We have more than 100+ products.
All FiveM products are optimized. It runs on all frameworks!

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