FIVEM MLO Red Circle Nightclub

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FIVEM MLO | Red Circle Nightclub


Unleash the party animal within! Elevate your FiveM server’s nightlife scene with the FIVEM MLO Red Circle Nightclub. This immersive interior mod meticulously recreates a pulsating nightclub, perfect for creating unforgettable roleplay experiences.


  • Vibin’ Atmosphere: Step into a world of thumping bass and dazzling lights. The Red Circle Nightclub features a spacious dance floor, complete with a DJ booth and stage, ideal for virtual dance parties and live music events.
  • Multiple Areas: The nightclub caters to all. Explore a stylish VIP area for exclusive clientele, a well-stocked bar for refreshing drinks, and even relaxing lounge areas for those seeking a break from the dance floor.
  • Enhanced Roleplay: This MLO opens doors for exciting scenarios. Players can act as DJs, bartenders, bouncers, or even VIP patrons, fostering a dynamic and social atmosphere on your server.
  • Customization Ready: Make the Red Circle your own! FIVEM MLO Red Circle Nightclub can be easily modified to fit your server’s theme. Add custom lighting effects, decorate with club branding, and create a unique nightlife experience.

The Red Circle Nightclub MLO is ideal for FiveM server owners and players who want:

  • A central hub for late-night entertainment and socializing
  • A space for DJing, dancing, and virtual partying
  • To boost server activity and create a vibrant nightlife scene

Don’t let your FiveM server be a ghost town after dark! Light up the night with the Red Circle Nightclub MLO and let players experience the thrill of the club scene.

How to set up scripts

  1. put it in the resource folder
  2. ensures in the resource.cfg
  3. restart server.

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