NoPixel Cerberus MLO

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NoPixel Cerberus MLO

NoPixel server Cerberus MLO
NoPixel full server Cerberus MLO
NoPixel Cerberus MLO

the NoPixel Cerberus MLO for FiveM! This intricate interior mod meticulously recreates the headquarters of Cerberus, the powerful corporation from the NoPixel Cerberus MLO. Unfold clandestine operations, conduct high-stakes negotiations, or simply explore the technological marvel Cerberus has become.


  • Iconic NoPixel Location: Step inside the very building that houses some of NoPixel’s most influential characters and storylines. This MLO faithfully captures the grandeur and mystery associated with Cerberus.
  • Multi-Level Complex: Explore a vast corporate office space spanning multiple floors. Find dedicated areas for research and development, executive offices, conference rooms, and even hidden laboratories, fostering a sense of intrigue and possibility.
  • Highly Detailed Interior: Immerse yourself in the world of Cerberus. The MLO features intricate details like high-tech equipment, sleek furniture, and corporate branding, bringing the headquarters to life for an unparalleled roleplay experience.

The NoPixel Cerberus MLO is ideal for FiveM server owners and players who want:

  • A faithful recreation of a beloved NoPixel location
  • A unique setting for high-tech, corporate, and espionage roleplay
  • To add a layer of intrigue and mystery to their server

Become part of the NoPixel legend! The Cerberus MLO unlocks a world of possibilities for your FiveM server and lets players experience the inner workings of a technological powerhouse.

How to set up scripts

  1. put it in the resource folder
  2. ensures in the resource.cfg
  3. restart server.

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