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Advance Banking [QB/ESX] | FiveM Scripts

Ditch the basic bank and implement a feature-rich financial system with Advanced Banking [QB/ESX] Scripts for FiveM! This powerful suite elevates your server’s roleplay experience by offering a comprehensive and dynamic banking system.

Here’s what elevates your server’s financial landscape:

Advanced account options: Go beyond basic savings and checking. This script allows players to create accounts with permissions, explore features like credit cards .

  • In-depth transaction tracking: Maintain transparency and accountability with detailed transaction histories. Players can easily monitor their finances and identify any suspicious activity.
  • QB/ESX framework compatibility: This script seamlessly integrates with both QBCore and ESX frameworks, ensuring a smooth implementation on your existing server.

Why choose Advanced Banking [QB/ESX] Scripts?

  • Deeper roleplay opportunities: Encourage financial planning, shared business ventures, and even criminal activities Advance Banking FiveM.
  • Increased server immersion: A realistic banking system adds believability and complexity to your roleplay environment.
  • Improved server management: Admin tools allow you to monitor the economy, investigate suspicious transactions, and maintain financial order.

Don’t settle for a basic bank! Invest in Advanced Banking FiveM [QB/ESX] Scripts and create a robust and engaging financial system for your FiveM server!

Please note: As this is a category of scripts with various options, some features may differ depending on the specific script you choose. Be sure to check the individual script’s details for a complete feature list.

How to set up scripts

  1. and put them in the resource folder
  2. ensures in the resource.cfg
  3. restart server.

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