Redeem code QBCore

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Redeem code QBCore

Do you want to gift players items, money, and cars using simple and customizable codes in real-time? redeem code QBCore is the solution for you. With this script, you can create gift codes with a simple command which allows admins to create packages with specified amounts of money, items, and vehicles for each player to redeem.

Use Cases

  • Server giveaways, raffles, or lotteries
  • Supporters of voting rewards
  • Quickly giving back lost items, cash, or cars
  • Server monetization
  • Rewarding players for good roleplay
  • Server events or contests


  • Codes are stored in a JSON file
  • All code is open and NOT escrowed
  • Uses permission perms
  • Allows for a set amount of cars, items, and cash to be given as long as the player can hold enough of the specified object
  • Config option to use code once or multiple times per character
  • Config option for the maximum amount of times a code can be used in general
  • Codes are case-sensitive when redeeming

redeem script fivem redeem scripts

How to set up scripts

  1. and put them in the resource folder
  2. ensures in the resource.cfg
  3. restart server.

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