NoPixel 4.0 Car Dealer | Fivem Car Dealer | [QBCore/ESX]

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NoPixel 4.0 Car Dealer | Fivem Car Dealer | [QBCore/ESX]

Take your NoPixel experience to the next gear with the ultimate NoPixel 4.0 Car Dealer experience! This exciting new script for NoPixel 4.0 Fivem servers lets you create a thriving car dealership and become a titan .


  • Extensive Showroom: Showcase a wide variety of vehicles, from sleek sports cars to rugged offroaders, all meticulously detailed for maximum player immersion.
  • Seamless Sales System: Facilitate test drives, negotiate deals, and close sales with a user-friendly interface that streamlines the car buying process.
  • Financing Options: Offer in-character financing options to expand your customer base and cater to players with diverse budgets.
  • Customization : Take your dealership to the next level with a fully functional customization bay (add-on purchase). Players can personalize their rides with rims, spoilers, neon lights, and more, creating a truly unique vehicle.
  • Dynamic Stock Management: Maintain a fresh and exciting stock by purchasing vehicles from wholesalers and even repossessing cars from players who default on loans (with proper roleplay scenarios, of course!).
  • Valet Service (Optional Add-On): Provide an additional layer of luxury with a valet service (add-on purchase). Players can pull up to your dealership and have their vehicles parked in style.

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NoPixel 4.0 Car Dealer is perfect for:

  • Players who enjoy business roleplay and building an empire.
  • Server owners looking to add a new and exciting economic avenue for their players.
  • Anyone who wants to create a lively and interactive hub for car enthusiasts within the NoPixel world.

Don’t miss out on the chance to become the go-to car guy (or gal) in Los Santos! Get NoPixel 4.0 Car Dealer today!

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  2. ensures in the resource.cfg
  3. restart server.

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